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Legal Custody of the above-named minor child(ren) is awarded to: ... Hawaii, to a permanent residence outside the Island of Oahu, State of Hawaii, without the ...
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Hawaii, to a permanent home on a permanent basis in the State of ... Hawaii, to live full life together with a mate, without the necessity for the ... Hawaii, by agreement, or pursuant to a court order, to enter into a Permanent Residence ... Hawaii, pursuant to any court-ordered release agreement, to remain on an ... Hawaii, for their lifetime. (Emphasis added.) As to the second allegation, we agree that the statute permits Hawaii to proceed to enter into a decree for adoption of the children born to the unmarried mothers. The court denied the appellants' motion for summary judgment under Hawaii Rev. Stat. § 4921-5 (1988). The trial court recognized that it had no authority to issue a decree for "adoptive" placement. In light of the above-listed circumstances, as well as the statutory basis for a decree of "adoptive placement," the trial court could not grant summary judgment on the second statutory allegation. As a result, the trial court granted summary judgment for the HRSDC on this second statutory claim. The HRSDC argues that the trial court's determination on the merits of the first statutory allegation, which it did not address, was erroneous. We agree that the trial court properly affirmed a lower court's grant of summary judgment on the first statutory allegation based on the statute's language. We need not address the trial court's decision on the merits of the second statutory allegation because the question of statutory viability will be reviewed on appeal on this motion for summary judgment. B. We turn now to the third and final contention that we need not decide because, under our precedents, the district judge erred in denying the appellants' motion for summary judgment on their second statutory contention. In his memorandum opinion at p. 1361, the district court found that the Hawaii Human Rights Commission failed to prove that the two alleged victims had suffered material and substantial damage. Based in part on this finding, the district court concluded: Since an affirmative showing that damages have been proven in the case is in itself a critical element of a petition for summary judgment, [a] conclusion from the Commission's allegations does not require dismissal of the petition merely because it is not supported by the record. (Emphasis added.) Appellants, therefore, should be granted summary judgment on their statutory claim under the statutory mandate of § 4921-2(a). See People v. Cate, supra, 8 Cal.3
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This is Colin Kennedy I right legal books and I'm a divorce specialist at you can divorce calm this short video answers your questions about separation and the separation agreement separation is an open and complete break from your marriage you are separated as soon as you stop living as husband and wife when one of you moves out it's rather obvious that your status has changed and yes it is possible to be separated while residing at the same address a written agreement goes a long way to show proof that you are not living as husband and wife you will need to make decisions about your living arrangements about children above build property pensions but mostly it's all about money you'll need a short term and a long term plan to help with your planning you may download my book how to escape your marriage my mom says if you can read you can cook so use the resource information in the books and on the website it's free and you don't need to sign up login or even tell me your address a written separation agreement is a good tool to help you resolve things this is a free legal document accepted by the courts and often required by mortgage lenders and banks to show proof that you are indeed separated and have your affairs in order this agreement is free and it's legal the courts say your agreement does not need to be made or signed by lawyers to make it any more legal you can settle your affairs without adversarial lawyers you don't need to pay them four thousand dollars for something you can do yourself your agreement provides background information arrangements about children property money and other legal stuff it's a contract between you and your ex use the format to negotiate and record your tent when it's done you will sign the document and have your signing witnessed by any adult this is Colin Kennedy at you can divorce calm you can use the free agreement and if you have questions feel free to do email and of course you can tell your friends about this
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